Product Liability

Each individual product liability case is not only important to the individual and their families but to society as a whole.

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Product liability covers the liability for the manufacture of a product for damage caused by that product.  The liability can extend all the way from the manufacturer of the component parts all the way to the retailer who sells the finished product. The goal of product liability laws is to help protect consumers from dangerous products, while holding manufacturers, distributors, and retailers responsible for putting into the marketplace products that they knew or should have known were dangerous or defective.

Depending upon the jurisdiction, the liability of the various parties involved as the product passes from the manufacturer to the consumer will vary.  Product liability frequently involves retail items, but can extend to pretty much anything that can be sold.

Baron Law Firm wins 40 million dollar judgment in fertilizer case.

Two farmers received a total of almost $40 million from a Portland, Oregon jury after their nursery crops, including blueberry, rhododendron and Japanese maple plants, were destroyed by a faulty fertilizer.

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