Aviation Injuries

In 2004, there were 20 recorded aviation accidents and over 500 people died as a result.

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Every day hundreds of thousands of air travelers place their confidence and trust in the aviation industry. Generally, their flights are without incident. But when a crash occurs, the consequences can be tragic. What can injured passengers - or their bereaved families - do to recover their losses? How can they assess a "value" on their loss? What can they do to begin to put their lives and livelihoods back together? What are their rights?

Case Study - Brown v Flightcraft, Sportsman Airpark, and Precision Airmotive

Client: Justin Brown | Case: Product Liability

The Baron Law Firm was particularly grateful to represent Justin Brown and his family.  On October 15, 2005, Justin Brown suffered catastrophic injuries including paraplegia when an airplane he rented from Sportsman Airpark crashed.  The crash occurred because the carburetor failed and flooded the engine during practice takeoffs and landings.  After the crash, we learned the carburetor had not been overhauled in over 15 years, despite manufacturer instructions that it be overhauled at least every 10 years.  The case was actively litigated with numerous successful motions and hearings.  Ultimately, all defendants chose to settle the case, resulting in a meaningful settlement for Justin Brown and his family.