Founded by Lawrence Baron, the firms goal was to fully dedicate time to each & every client.

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Baron Law Firm History

Baron Law Firm opened its doors in 1995. Founded by Lawrence Baron, the firm’s goal was to reduce the number of cases Lawrence handled at any one time to more fully dedicate himself to each and every client.


The first client for Baron Law Firm was burn victim Anne Kirkwood. Her case against General Motors was the type of case that defines a career. To pursue Kirkwood's claim against GM, Baron Law Firm had to first go up against the Oregon State Legislature to fight for a change in law. An unusual Oregon statute barred certain product liability cases and Kirkwood's case fell into that category. During the lobbying effort, Lawrence Baron made several trips to the Capitol in Salem and met individually with legislators. He brought his client to attend votes by the House and Senate. He wanted legislators to see the person their vote would be affecting. He successfully pushed through an amendment to allow his client to pursue the car manufacturer in court. Ultimately the case settled on the eve of trial on January 10, 1997. That dogged determination to do whatever it takes to help a client — even it means passing a new state law — is what clients, co-counsel and opposing counsel mention most often when describing Lawrence Baron. For his efforts on behalf of Kirkwood, Lawrence Baron received the National Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from Trial Lawyers for Public Justice.

In April 24, 2003, Nissan announced a program to recall its 1994 and 1995 Altimas and replace their passenger side airbags. Baron Law Firm had campaigned for a recall since meeting Norma Brainerd (then Swanson), a victim of the defective airbag design. In 1998, Baron Law Firm helped Brainerd win a settlement with Nissan and went on to successfully represent other Altima airbag victims. In the fall of 2002, Lawrence Baron traveled to Washington, DC, and testified before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to urge a recall. Lawrence Baron shared his own files with NHTSA to help document the product defect. Today, Baron Law Firm is credited with forcing Nissan recall the defective air bag.

Baron Law Firm has also made a name for itself seeking damages against incompetent Lasik eye surgeons. Its clients have been Lasik patients who generally should have never been approved for the controversial surgery. In court, Lawrence Baron details mistakes and miscalculations made by operating surgeons. Baron Law Firm isn't able to restore its clients' vision but it is able to help them restore their lives by holding accountable the doctors who injured them. Baron Law Firm's name frequently appears on the web site surgicaleyes.org where recovering Lasik patients refer dependable attorneys to each other.